About Us

About Ludo Passion Pro

Ludo Passion is an online gaming platform where the competitive spirit of India comes alive. All games on the Ludo Passion Pro app are skill-based and allow players to play games to earn money. It is a tournament game where you can win real money in rupees in your bank account by playing the game immediately. It is a simple, fun, easy and classic strategy board game in which you can earn money and play for fun with friends or online.

Some rules of Game :-

Each player’s all 4 tokens are already in their corresponding start positions.

There is no need to roll a 6 to begin….simply tap and play!

A 2 player game lasts for 10 minutes, and a 4 player game lasts for 10 minutes.

Each box your token moves forward a step get you 1 point and lose the point(s) when tocket hit by other player's tocket according to steps.

The player who scores maximum points wins the game after the end of the time.